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kinds of workwear fabrics


Can't you find the best fabric for your technical protection military project? There are thousand of options online, but which is the best and why? Brilliant-Tex can understand any complex requirements and recommend you a best suited solution in a short time. It is based on several advantages of ours: ☆ 20 year experience on military & workwear fabric producing and sourcing ☆ A mature fabric supplier network in China ☆ In house testing lab for quick qualification of samples → SCHEDULE A CONSULT →

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Spent a lot of time trying to find a matched supplier? It's an even tougher job for complex projects involving technical fabric or bidding. With Brilliant-Tex, you can get the same day quotes for fabrics already in our database. Or it will take only 1~2 working days for a custom solution. Backed by the strong fabric manufacturing base of China, the deep relationship with these manufacturers, and the total experience on workwear fabrics, Briiliant can greatly help you to improve your effeciency of sourcing. → HIGHLY EFFICIENT SERVICE PROCESS →

kinds of workwear fabrics


To verify a supplier is challenging, but to manage the production quality is also hard. There are always exceptions happening in production, like color shifting or missing printing. With Brilliant-Tex, you are relieved from these problems since we will: ☆ Arrange our QC to check regular production progress ☆ Have daily management meeting with our factories ☆ Communicate with you to update orders status in time ☆ Test samples in our own in-house testing lab. and prepare immdiate quality reports to you. → STRICT QUALITY MANAGEMENT →

kinds of workwear fabrics


A lot of things would cause delay and impact your time to market, like manufacturing process finetuning or longer sample shipping. To minimize risks, you needed to know what was happening quickly and clearly. You need a responsible and experienced service team for this. We can help you. Brilliant will report the order status on a daily base. In case there are any potential issues, you will know the situation at the first time and be prepared an effective action plan by the meeting with us. Everything will be under your control. → FROM PRODUCTION TO SHIPPING →