What is PU coated fabric?

2022-11-21 | Textile Fabric Knowledge

What is PU coated fabric? PU coating is polyurethane coating.After coating,the fabric feels plump, elastic,and has a film feel on the surface.PU coated fabrics are mainly used in outdoor clothing and military industries,and are characterized by moisture permeability,wear resistance,wind resistance, and softness.

PU coating can be divided into water-based and solvent-based polyurethanes in terms of its coating form.Solvent-based film-forming properties are good, strong adhesion to fabrics,high water pressure resistance, more suitable for waterproof and moisture-permeable coatings. However, the solvent type has certain toxicity and flammability,and is not environmentally friendly.

PU is actually polyurethane,and its performance is mainly characterized by wear resistance,solvent resistance and low temperature resistance(below -30 ℃),good waterproof and moisture permeability,wind resistance,softness and other characteristics.Generally,it is a milky white emulsion,which can be combined with knitted fabrics and plain woven fabrics.Non-woven fabrics and other fabrics are compounded into various fabrics or linings,and can be processed and compounded with more than two or three layers of films with various characteristics.We usually come into contact with thin-coated PU leather products,which are mainly used for PU coating of outdoor clothing and bag fabrics.For example,imitation leather (artificial leather),brushed suede and other products are also PU coating products.Polyurethane PU coating can form a lot of multi-functional,high value-added textile products,which are widely used in outdoor clothing, decoration,military and other industries.

PU coating agent is a block polymer composed of soft segment and hard segment alternately.The soft segment makes PU soft and elastic.It is composed of polyether or polyester diol.The size of its molecular weight can also affect the softness and hardness of PU; the hard segment makes PU have strength and elastic modulus. and chain extender.The ratio of the two and the structure of raw materials can determine and affect the performance of the product.

The synthesis method is generally made of diisocyanate,polyester diol or polyether diol plus chain extender and catalyst,through solution polymerization or bulk polymerization.Substantially granular or powdered forms can be produced by bulk polymerization.The water-emulsion type can be made by emulsifier or self-emulsion by introducing hydrophilic groups. Solvent type is made of different organic solvents as needed.

The coating processing technology includes dry method, wet method, hot melt method,transfer method, bonding method,etc.Among them,the dry method is the most widely used.The dry method is to uniformly coat the coating slurry on the base cloth with a coater.After heating to volatilize the solvent or water,the coating forms a film on the surface of the fabric. The PU thin coating is a high-grade product in the dry direct coating, mainly used for clothing fabrics.

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