What is Ocean Yarn Fabric OBP?What are the benefits of obtaining OBP certification?

2023-08-30 | Textile Fabric Knowledge

What is OBP?

Ocean Bound Plastic, abbreviated as OBP, is a type of improperly managed plastic waste that is abandoned in the environment where it is transported to the ocean due to rain, wind, tides, rivers, and floods.

Ocean Bound Plastic refers to various sizes of waste plastic waste (microplastics, intermediate plastics, and large plastics) located within 50 kilometers of the coast in communities or areas where waste management does not exist or is very inefficient. Plastic waste in landfills or managed landfills is not considered an OBP, but if it is within 50 kilometers of the coast, plastic waste in uncontrolled informal landfills is considered an OBP


OBP defines two more stringent subcategories of Ocean Bound Plastic to more accurately focus on the leakage points of Ocean Bound Plastic in the ocean.

A) Waterway OBP: Waste plastic waste located within the river or within 200m from both sides of the river.

Our waterway category exceeds a distance of 50 kilometers from the coast, simply because rivers in the form of large plastics (when floating) or microplastics (from microplastic degradation or microplastic sources) may carry plastic over a distance of 50 kilometers to the ocean.

B) Coastal OBP: Waste plastic waste is located within 200m from the highest tidal line to the land and 100m from the lowest tidal line to the sea.


What are the benefits of obtaining OBP certification?

Entering higher value markets and environmentally conscious consumers

Being an active participant in marine conservation and biodiversity conservation

Having a positive social impact, creating employment opportunities and better economic opportunities in vulnerable communities

Adhere to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and your own sustainable development goals.

What can OBP labels guarantee consumers?

▲ International community and environmental standards are obtained throughout the entire value chain of plastic collection, transformation, and disposal

Implementation, including no child labor, fair working conditions, fair payment to scavengers, and appropriate waste management.

The source of collected plastic waste is used as OBP, as well as other options such as coastline OBP or waterway OBP.

For example, the source of OBP can be traced back to a specific river, coastline, or city.

▲ Traceability of the production and sales chain of supervision until the final product.

▲ Determine the content of recycled marine plastic in certified products.

The true neutrality of Ocean Bound Plastic Neutral products.




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