Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of different workwear fabrics

2022-12-08 | Textile Fabric Knowledge

With the development of modern technology ,the types of workwear style fabrics are becoming more and more abundant,and the lightness and thinness of pure wool workwear fabrics is a major development trend. The color change of workwear fabrics also changes withthe world's environmrntal protection and the mainstream of returning to nature, such as some soft,relaxed,comfortable,close to nature tones, which are the styles pursued by modern people, and are also soft,elastic, and easy to move.It also gradually dissloves in clothing. Let's take a look at how we choose the fabric of custom workwear?



Advantages:comfortable to wear ,soft to the touch and strong sweat absorption.

Disadvantages:poor wear resistance,poor elasticity,easy to fade and shrink(so the fabric must be pre-shrunk when making pure cotton clothes.


Advantages:good comfort,good breathability,afford price.

Disadvantages:Itching to the skin, poor elasticity, fading.



Advantages:rich patterns,thick texture,strong and durable,good warmth retention.

Deficiency:It is irritating to the skin,requires a higher storage environment, and is prone to mildew and moth.


Polyester cotton

Advantages:Polyester has good elasticity,high strength,smooth surface,good elasticity and wear resistance in dry or wet conditions,small shrinkage,stable size,not easy to wrinkle,easy to wash,straight and fast drying.

Disadvantages:easy to get dirty,easy to absorb oil,static electricity is often generated during the wearing process, we all know that static electricity wll attract dust,difficult to wash,can not be ironed at high temperature and soaked inboiling water.Polyester cotton is a synthetic fiber and cannot be degraded.



Advantages:good comfort,good elasticity.

Disadvantages: strong wrinkle,easy to grow moth,will shrink.

Composite fabric

Composite fabric is a kind of microfiber in specific textile processing and unique dyeing and finishing ,and then processed by"composite" equipment.The composite fabric uses microfiber with high cleaning power.Another feature of the fabric is:good abrasion resistance,the microfiber fabric feels soft,breathable and moisture-permeable,so it has obvious advantages in terms of touch and physiological comfort,and the the microfiber fabric has poor wrinkle resistance(It is because the fibers are soft and the elastic recovery is poor after wrinkling);in order to overcome this shortcoming, a "composite"process is adopted, which greatly improves the shortcoming of poor wrinkle resistance of microfiber fabrics. Composite fabrics are currently popular summer workwear fabrics in Europe and the United States.





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