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Q1: What are your main products?

We are mainly product technical fabric. We have four series main products. They are military fabric、work wear fabric、outdoor fabric and technical medical fabric.

Q2: Where is your main market?

Our products mainly export to European countries、Middle east、Southeast Asian and China.

Q3: Do you sale stock products?

We normally produce products according to customer’s orders. We don’t sale stocks.

Q4: Do you cooperate with some famous brand or customer?

We supply our fabrics for the military and government products. Such as France, Germany,Switzerland, Finland, Russian, Iran, Indonesia etc.

Q5: What the capacity of your factory each month?

The total capacity is around 3 million meters per month.

Q6: What the MOQ for bulk order?

The MOQ for piece dyed fabric is 1000M per color, 3000M per shipment. The MOQ for long continue dyed fabric is 3000M per color, 5000M per shipment.

Q7: What the lead time for bulk order?

The delivery time for each products and order quantity will be difference. The normal delivery time for fabric with grey cloth in stock is about 20-30days after approval color lab dips. If there don’t have grey cloth in stock, the delivery time should be discussed in details.

Q8: What the MOQ for sample order?

If we have stock grey cloth the MOQ for sample order is 100M/Color with surcharge. We should discuss case by case if the fabric don’t have stock grey cloth.

Q9: What the lead time for sample order?

If you accept sample in any color, we can make dyeing with other orders to short the lead time in about 7-10days. If you want us to make the sample according to your color, the lead time is about 15-20days after approval color lab dips.

Q10: Can you accept order quantity less MOQ?

Yes we can, but should be surcharged for small lot. The surcharge is about USD120-200 per color.

Q11: What the payment term of your company?

The payment term for new customer is T/T 30% deposit and balance before shipment or L/C at sight. We can discuss better payment term after several orders in good cooperation.

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